Cupcake Heaven Since 2007    •    Vegan, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Some Gluten-Free & Soy-Free

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Rutherford, NJ 07070

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About Us

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Danielle and Jake Vance (that's us!) wanted a bakery that offered vegan baked goods. Sadly, there were none, so Sweet Avenue Bake Shop was born in February of 2006 as a mail-order and catering-only bakery. What followed was a pretty darn good year that saw more customers than we ever anticipated flocking to us for their weddings and parties. Sensing a strong economic upswing in the near future, we opened Sweet Avenue as a retail store-front bakery in August of 2007.

We were, of course, wrong about the economy, but that still didn't keep people away. We've been fortunate enough to cater hundreds of events and serve... well... a lot of cupcakes to walk-in customers since we've been here. We've met lots of great people (and dogs, oddly enough), and still love every minute of what we do.


There's More!

What is it that makes us special, you ask? Why should you buy cupcakes from us when you could make them at home? Well, you ask a lot of questions, but we'll tell you anyway.

Everything we make at Sweet Avenue is totally vegan. That means that all of our cupcakes, cookies, and everything else are all dairy- and egg-free. They're also 100% cholesterol-free, completely cruelty-free, better for the environment, and 156% awesomer than non-vegan desserts. Seriously. You can take that to the bank.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "But they must taste like cardboard." Well, save it. We've heard that concern before but it's never lasted past the first bite. We may be a little bit biased here because we obviously love our vegan desserts, but the real test is the non-vegan's take, and we've had some rip-roaring, dairy-loving, butter-guzzling fiends tell us that either...

     a) They would never guess our cupcakes were vegan, or...
     b) They actually like our cupcakes better than non-vegan ones.

Now that's a ringing endorsement, right? Also, we should mention that we have a rotating menu of around 30 flavors at any given time. Every day of the week we have at least 12 cupcake flavors available for you to partake in. And yes, we do encourage purchasing by the dozen. We also make everything from scratch in small batches daily and never use any cake mixes or packaged frostings. We always use awesome ingredients like pure Madagascar bourbon vanilla and imported European chocolate.

What's that? Who are we? Oh, I almost forgot. We're Danielle, Jake, Kristina and Ann. That's us in the picture up there. We share the cupcake duties and we're all pretty awesome. Come by and say "hello" sometime. And buy our cupcakes.

Other items of note: We like awesome music. A bunch of our cupcakes are named after songs. Yes, it's silly, and yes, you have to call them by name when you pick them out. Thems the rules. We like it this way. Makes it easy to pick out the Beatles fans. We even "borrowed" our name from a song, too. It's "Sweet Avenue" by Jets to Brazil. Look it up. Great song. Interesting aside, "Sweet Avenue" is also mentioned in another Jets to Brazil song, "Little Light" ("You're a sweet avenue I can't seem to get to"). We also love comics and comic book movies. We've been known to trade cupcakes for action figures. We're currently on the hunt for a nice Superman to fill out our Justice League.

Sweet Avenue Bake Shop is dedicated to life, liberty and the pursuit of cupcakes.